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Baking Soda: 11 Sensational Care Uses of Baking Soda You Havent Even Thought That Can Be Utilized

  • Baking soda health benefits
  • Baking soda beauty tips
  • Baking soda cleaning and deodorizing properties

Leptin Resistance: Everything You Need to Know to Unchain the Power of the Leptin Hormone and Regulate Your Appetite

  • What Leptin resistance really is, and why you may have it
  • How to use Leptin to your advantage
  • How to lose weight, using a diet that can help you to feel full
  • To understand what your brain is telling you and why
  • How to lose weight and keep it off, without the need for fad dieting

Tai Chi: Master the Art of Moving Meditation! Learn Tai Chi's Slow, Smooth Body Movements to Achieve a State of Relaxation of Body and Mind.

  • Physical and mental benefits behind the peaceful martial art
  • Get rid of stress with simple basic Tai Chi moves
  • Obtain your strength with Tai Chi
  • Flexibility, balance and healthier life style
  • Tips for practicing Tai Chi
  • Why practice Tai Chi

How To Train A Puppy: 24 House Training Tips for Your Puppys Habits: Stop Your Puppy from Barking, Whining, Jumping on People, and More

  • Typical puppy behavior
  • How to construct a training plan
  • How to deal with serious and aggressive behavior
  • Tips for fast and effective results
  • Last resorts in difficult situations
  • Crating your puppy
  • What not to do/what to avoid
  • Learning about how to train different breeds
  • Getting your home ready for your first puppy
  • Voice commands and gestures/using a dogs name
  • Setting priorities at the start
  • Advanced training: you can teach a new dog new tricks.

Ketogenic Recipes Box Set: 40 Low-Carb Breakfast Recipes To Reduce Your Weight plus Ketogenic Diet Plan to Improve the Ratio of HDL/LDL Cholesterol and Lower Your Blood Pressure.

  • Get detailed, but easy to understand, information about what the ketogenic diet is and how it melts away fat so effectively
  • Be presented with 25 varied and delicious recipes to make ketogenic-approved breakfasts that will keep you motivated to persevere with your diet
  • Find answers to any questions you may still have once you know the facts about the ketogenic diet

Yoga and Ayurveda Box Set: 12 Breathing Techniques for Beginners To Help You Relax and Reduce Stress and Bring You Pure Health, Self Healing and Pressure Relief.

  • Relax no matter where you are
  • Sleep more easily, even if you have insomnia
  • Free your body of the stresses and strains of the day
  • Control your breathing so you can unwind within moments
  • Use visualization techniques to help you relax, even if youre standing up
  • And so much more

Home-Made Soap and Shampoo Box Set:33 Unique Soaps and 23 Shampoo Recipes That You Can Make at Home

  • Becoming a Homemade Soap Expert
  • Ways to Easily Make Your Own Unique Soaps
  • The Benefits of Handmade Soap
  • Four Methods of Soap Making

The SHTF Stockpile: 33 Items You Will Need to Stay Alive When Disaster Strikes

  • Maintain food and water supplies,
  • Protect and defend your home,
  • Keep in contact with like-minded survivors for safety in numbers,
  • Administer basic first aid to yourself and to others, and
  • Keep yourself safe with the ultimate Six Must Have Survival Preps.

Off Grid Living: 23 Techniques With Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Live Off-the-Grid and Survive in the Wild

  • Build an off the grid home right where you are today,
  • Survive in the wild without basic utilities,
  • Take off grid living on the road with power and fuel, and
  • Make sure your off grid lifestyle is sustainable so you never have to plug back into the Matrix again

Potty Training: The Ultimate Potty Training Guide To Decompress Yourself and See Results In 3 Days

  • Tell if your child is ready to be potty trained
  • What to do to prepare your child for the big three-day potty training
  • The steps you need to take to potty train your child in just three days
  • Potty training tips for success

Body Language 101: Body Language NOW. The Ultimate Guide to Understand the Hidden Power of Non-Verbal Communication

  • Body language An understanding of ones hidden powers
  • Types of non-verbal communication A majestic way of finding ones hidden powers
  • Some exciting truths about body language
  • Recognize the hidden powers of your hand shake
  • How you can confirm your job interview in to a job by use of body language as a way of revealing your hidden powers?

Etsy Business: 23 Useful Tips for Building a Successful Etsy Business and Earn Money From Home

  • Getting Started
  • Preparing Your Store for Greatness!
  • Promoting your Products
  • Good Practice

Digital Photography: A Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Three Kings of Photography (ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture)

  • All about the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed
  • Why these are needed to learn photography
  • The equipment used to help make your photography better. By the end of it, youll know the basic equipment needed for beginner photography

Survival Pantry Essential Guide: The Prepper's Guide with New Tips on Canning, and Preserving and Storing Food and Water

  • Understand why a survival pantry is necessary
  • Prepare the correct conditions for your food store
  • Efficiently organize your store
  • Manage your water and food horde
  • Can and preserve your own food
  • Adopt a survival mindset

Evernote Essentials: A Beginner's Guide for Mastering The Most Popular Notebook Application (With Photos)

  • Why you should use Evernote
  • How to navigate through Evernote
  • Basic Functions and apps of it
  • The use of the Search Bar
  • How to Get the Most out of Evernote


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