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  • Every day, many quality bargain deals are published but not all of them are worth spreading. 'I Need a Bargain' (INAB) is the destination for shoppers to discover good discount shopping offers. On our site, high quality bargain deals will surface up under each category. You can follow bargains of your interests. To spread these good deals, we offer API for other websites to integrate with.

    Our bargain-gathering system combs 7 bargain sources and has aggregated 2,078,308 deals to date. Our analysis engine classifies these offers into 124 categories and runs them through a clusterization process before displaying the clustered results right into your browser.

    Another way of looking at INAB is that our site functions as a pre-configured web-based RSS Reader for you. We find and organize bargains based on your interests and put together a feed for you. Our Deal Crawler also acts as an online deal aggregator and our goal is to become your ultimate discount shopping news source.

    Isn't this just like a dozen other coupon websites? Well, not really. What we do here is synthesizing aspects of coupon sites and discount shopping blogs. We present bargain news in a way that is searchable, auto-tagged, clustered, and customizable to go beyond what other RSS Readers can do.

    We are exploring more ways to discover excellent deals from more quality discount shopping sources for you. We highly recommend you to customize this bargain site to get yourself started in bargain hunting.

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